Molly Manners Intermediate

For one hour, forty-five minutes each day, children will take part in interactive hands-on activities, all on the topic of Manners!
Activities include discussions, games, stories, quizzes and more!

Primary One Soft Skills Camp

Give your Primary One child a head start! A camp for Kindergarten 2 children entering Primary One the following year. (We welcome current Primary Ones as well).

TLC Soft Skills Camp

In this 3 day camp, your child will learn and practice essential Life Skills and Social Skills to navigate through life, school, and many social situations! We create a safe and conducive environment, providing optimal experience for these to be taught and caught.

Molly Manners Intensive,

Over two days, children cover the full Molly Manners curriculum, plus modules on Anti-Bullying, Confidence-Building and Grit.

‘The Young Sophisticate’ Camp for Teens

The ‘Young Sophisticate’ camp for teens between 13 to 18, covers topics such as:
1) Positive First Impressions 2) Confidence and Body Language 3) Grooming and Appearance 4) Job and School Interview Skills 5) Social Network/Cellphone Etiquette 6) Restaurant Dining Etiquette