Ceaching Manners to Teens

Private Coaching

membership, Etiquette for Children

We offer a personal private coaching service for small groups of teenagers aged 13 to 18 years. In this session, a personal etiquette trainer will sit with, and guide your teen(s) over a three course Western meal at a chosen restaurant.

We cover dining etiquette, good conversation skills, positive body language, greetings and introductions, and grooming tips. All the while, coaching and helping your teen develop essential skills to present his/her best self to the world.









$240 nett

Consists of 3 and a half-hours of etiquette coaching, and a 3 course Western meal in a restaurant. 

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Etiquette for Teens, Etiquette for Children
membership, Etiquette for Children

We teach good manners, etiquette and social skills to girls and boys aged 3 to 18. Recent years, I have pivoted programmes into teaching soft skills, including mental health, well-being, creative arts as well. I have also started an online membership club for children, teenager and mothers. Being an international brand name, there are currently over 20 locations worldwide, since its inception in USA in 2011. And we have been featured in editorials, magazines and radio interview. Contact us for private coaching