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Safe, Smart Internet Camp for Kids
Aged 7 to 12

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Navigating the Internet, the World Wide Web, social media in this new age is a challenge for many. Constant thoughts of… Who to follow? Who to unfollow? Which channel to listen to? What to do?

The paradox is that the device our students use to connect with friends or complete schoolwork, is also the biggest distraction from being focused and getting work done.

Let us help make the decision-making a breeze for you…by working on the inside, from the heart!

Using a values-driven approach, we teach children to make choices from a place of truth, honesty, self-respect and integrity. Our activities enable children to look within, calibrate and regulate. They move on to make conscious choices whilst surfing the net, practicing safe, smart internet habits.

Respect, kindness, love guide our decisions such that we are empowered to rise above the madding crowd, walking to the beat of love and virtue

In the workshop, we cover:

Safety on the Net:

Avoiding and discerning unsavory strangers online

Exploring ways to protect their privacy, identity and personal data online

Being Smart on the Net:

Guidelines for phone and device usage.

Develop intrinsic motivation to make and sustain behavioural changes.

Exercise time and energy management

Compartmentalise work so to remain productive and focused.

Become committed to longer term goals.

Achieve self -regulation

Delivery of Workshop is done lecture style, with group discussions and activities for a fun, wholesome time learning together.


15th June 2024




9am to 1130am




Parents are welcome to combine the weekly TLC classes with Molly Manners weekly sessions. The sessions are intentionally timed next to each other for parents’ and students’ convenience. 

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