Etiquette Classes | Life Skills Courses | Character Education

Etiquette Classes | Life Skills Courses | Character Education

Company mission

Molly Manners teaches children, between the age of 3 to 16, good manners, social skills and etiquette. This is accomplished through age appropriate, interactive and creative lessons. We enable children and teens to become confident, considerate and respectful to themselves and others.

Company Description

We bring our classes to your children's schools, after-school programs, pre-schools, and extracurricular activities, as well as offer holiday camps, and weekly lessons in your area.

Being an international brand name, there are currently over 20 locations worldwide since its inception in USA in 2011. Our's is an exclusive curriculum only available to licensees around the globe.

Topics such as respect and rules, first impressions, dining etiquette and speaking on the phone politely, will be covered. These important lifeskills are delivered through games, role-playing activities, crafts, stories and songs. Be sure that your child will leave the class with essential lifeskills, fond memories and new friendships!

We partner Singapore Kindness Movement, Children's Cancer Foundation, Scripture Union, People's Association, CDAC, Girls' Brigade, NUSS Guildhouse, schools and various organizations, in the delivery of our classes. 

Invited for features in editorials and magazines, radio interview.
Nominated for Promising SME 2015, Prestige Brand Award 2015, and received 'Best Children's Social Skills Education Company' by Singapore Business Awards 2020. Nominated for SME100 2021, Best in Social Skills and Etiquette by Parents' World 2022

A Welcome Message from the Founder

Greetings from sunny Singapore island! I’m glad you are here to find out more about how the Molly Manners programme can benefit you and your child.

I am passionate about empowering children to be the best they can be. As an experienced MOE teacher for the past 7 years and psychologist, I fully understand the frustrations parents face when it comes to instilling good values and manners in their children. Especially in this high tech age where children are exposed to media influences and peers at an early age. Children are easily glued to the ipads and computers at the expense of wholesome activities which promote social interaction and physical health.

Molly Manners is a programme which will teach and empower your child to become more delightful and a pleasure to be around. Weekly discussions, role playing, social stories, hands-on activities engage children effectively.
I envision Molly Manners to be synonymous with everything good and positive. Together, we can make a difference and shine wherever we are.

Clara Tan, Molly Manners Singapore Owner; 2013 to present

  • BSc (Psychology) Honours, University College London
  • Postgrad Diploma in Education
  • Owner of 'Daughters of Promise, Asia' (a sister company specialising in Teen Girls Coaching)
  • Grade 8 Piano ABRSM
  • Public Service Commission Overseas Scholarship Holder
  • Experience in Psychological Services at MOE HQ, and Gifted Education.
  • Certified provider of the UCLA Peers and Circle of Security Programme.