Dr L. Foo

D. and L. enjoyed themselves very much and more importantly have taken home some lessons on table manners from you! Thank you again.

Dr L. Foo

Dining Etiquette, 8th Dec 2020

Reshma John

Thank you Clara. Tasha enjoyed the class.

Reshma John

Dining Etiquette 8th Dec 2020


Thank you, Raphael enjoyed the workshop.


Dining Etiquette, 8th Dec 2020


Lucas enjoyed himself and is able to convey what he has learnt.


Molly Manners Intensive, Nov 2020

Shymala TP

Shakthi said she enjoyed the course well.

Shymala T.P

Molly Manners Intensive, Nov 2020

Raychel Lam

Thank you so much for sharing. It's a great class and both of them had a good time. 

Raychel Lam

Dining Etiquette, 21st Nov 2020

Jason Lai

Thank you so much as Anya has enjoyed herself.

Jason Lai

Dining Etiquette, 21st Nov 2020

Ng Sock Wee

Thank you for the classes. Kai Xuan and Kai Xin learned some good tips, and enjoyed the lessons. 

Kai Xuan, Kai Xin

May Online Holiday Camp

Jennifer Yew

My girl loves your lesson! She is requesting again.

Giselle, 6 years old, April 2020

Online Class

Ms Angela Tay

The sessions particularly the second, were engaging and certainly very practical. Thank you for the excellent service put up by your team.

School enrichment

Pei Tong Primary, November 2019

Ms Revathi

Thank you and your team for the two days workshop on Racial Harmony, Eurasian Culture, Respect and Kindess. We have received lots of positive feedback on the workshop.

School enrichment

Ai Tong Primary, July 2019

Sock Hwei

Shaun and Sarah both had a good time and enjoyed most of the sessions. I'd heard about the 'touch and take', 'no monkey hands', 'no double dipping etc' :)

Shaun and Sarah

Molly Manners Intensive June 2019

Mr Poon

My son, Willy, enjoyed himself. Thank you for having this class.

Willy Poon

Molly Manners Intermediate, aged 4 to 7

June 2019

Karen Chew

Thanks Clara...Jinyi is very happy and excited after the 2 days class.

Tan Jinyi

Molly Manners Intensive, 2018

Odyssey the Global Preschool

Both the trainers were clear in their presentation and they were very patient with the students making sure they understand what was taught and applying the skills later during meal time.

The students picked up useful dining etiquette that they can share with their parents and practicing it at home. 

Nurliyana Muhiddin
Curriculum Specialist
March 2016

AiLin Tan, mother of 2 participants

'Thank you for your daily updates. My children are very excited after attending each lesson and I can tell they really enjoy the 3-day lessons a lot. The teacher has done a great job to keep the students engaged in class!'

December 2015

Children's Cancer Foundation

Survey feedback collated from 15 children aged 5 to 13 years:

1) I enjoyed the programme and activities ~ 100%
2) They help me to learn new things ~ 100%
3) The trainer is knowledgeable and guides me well ~ 100%

We enjoyed the word search, hands-on activities, crossword puzzles, bingo, speaking nicely to people. It was fun, I learnt new things, how to be polite and avoid using bad words.

May 2015


Calista and Cameron enjoyed your class very much. They have taken away with them many useful tips.

June 2015


Thank you, Clara, for walking Rachelle through manners and social skills in the last few days. Her awareness in these is definitely much higher now as she puts into practice what she has learnt.

November 2014


Alexandria says that it was good n fun.  She liked the activities.  She gave it a perfect 10.

November 2014


Lin has been sharing with me what she had learnt in class with you. She even asked me, " How can I help?" It was a pleasure to see her blossom under your care.

November 2014


The children really enjoyed the lessons with you and Henry has been sharing with us over the last two weeks what he had learned in your class. I think it encouraged him to be more mindful about certain things in daily routines, which is good.

November 2014

Mike Chee

Kaitlyn had a really good time at your class and is already asking for more!

We’d be grateful if you could keep us in your mailing list for future classes, please.

March 2013