Young Ladies Grooming and Etiquette Camp

Emerging Young Ladies:
Grooming & Etiquette Camp

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A camp tailored for teenage girls, we have carefully crafted activities to help your teenage daughter confidently step into her chosen future sphere of influence. Through this camp, teen girls learn  knowledge and skills beyond textbooks, to excel and shine. 

The teenage season is a crucial period to developing confidence, communication skills, poise and wisdom – skills to help any girl shine brightly. Just like a sakura blossoming in season, she learns to take advantage of her gifts to chart a path unique to her. 

We cover 

— Personal Color Analysis

— Body shape and confidence

— Choosing appropriate attire and style

— Communicate clearly with poise and confidence

— Manouvere social situations with ease and grace

— Positive mindsets to conquer doubt and shyness, overcoming setbacks

Will we get a chance to meet your daughter this run? Let us know. 


Initial session followed by optional sessions

Location: Online

Day, Timing: Tailored

Dates: Tailored

Pricing: Upon enquiry


Please email us at for further details

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Etiquette for Teens, Etiquette for Children
membership, Etiquette for Children

Navigating the Social Sphere:
Teen Etiquette and Social Skills

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This programme empowers teenagers with essential life skills, focusing on etiquette and social skills. Through interactive lessons, activities, and real-life scenarios, students will develop confidence, empathy, and respect for themselves and others. The course aims to prepare teenagers to navigate diverse social situations, fostering positive relationships and personal growth.

Participants will go through weekly group coaching classes which cover essential living skills. 

It starts with an initial phone interview, weekly sessions and take-home activities.

Teens Social Skills Programme


An etiquette and social skills programme tailored for the needs of teenagers.


Pemimpim/ Bishan


2pm to 330pm



$$380/month nett

For groups of 2 or more:

$$360/month nett

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8 weekly sessions

Parents are welcome to combine the weekly TLC classes with Molly Manners weekly sessions. The sessions are intentionally timed next to each other for parents’ and students’ convenience.

Sneak Peeks
into our Camps

Etiquette for Teens, Etiquette for Children
membership, Etiquette for Children