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15 Jan 2019

1) Molly Manners Intermediate for Ages 6 to 12

For the holidays, we will be running Molly Manners classes as a 20 day online camp for primary school children. Parents can by single sessions ($18 per session), package of 5 sessions ($75) Children will take part in our usual activities, all on the topic of Manners! Activities include discussions, games, stories, quizzes and more!

Location: Online, Zoom

Dates: 4th May to 8th May 2020 

            11th May to 15th May 2020

            18th May to 22nd May 2020

             25th May to 29th May 2020

Timing: 10am to 1030am or 3pm to 330pm

Pricing : $75 per week  or $18 per session

If you have any questions, please email

Thank you!

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18 Jul 2018

In this 2 part programme, your child will learn and practice essential Life Skills and Social Skills to navigate through life, school, and many social situations! We create a safe and conducive environment, providing optimal experience for these to be taught and caught. 

A child's emotional well-being is so important in ensuring he/she can thrive and benefit from any educational experience! With a shift from academic booksmarts to 21st Century Competencies, we aim to enable children to adapt and thrive.

In this camp, we address some important topics to help your child blossom.

They are: 

-- Friendships

-- Setting Goals 

-- Self and Group Awareness

-- Problem Solving

-- Communication 

-- Non-Verbal Communication

-- Being Part of a Group

-- Expressing Your Feelings

-- Caring About Yourself and Others

-- Listening

-- Standing Up For Yourself

-- Managing Conflicts

Through gentle and effective group discussions, creative art projects, role-playing, reflective me-time, energy inspiring games and other uniquely crafted activities, your child will learn and develop these tools for well-being.

We believe these skills are urgently needed by today's youth and young generation. Would you give your child a gift of a 'Soft Skills, Well-Being' Camp this year?

Each part can be taken either separately or together in June/ December to complete both parts.

Location: TBA

Dates: 14/12 to 16/12  (part 1)

            17/12 to 19/12  (part 2)

Timing: 12pm to 3pm

Pricing: $405 per part ($45/hour, total of 9 hours)

              $720 for part 1 and 2 ($40/hour, total of 18 hours) 

Thank you.

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