Parent-Child Sessions

Parent-Child Sessions

26 Mar 2018

Parent-Child Sessions

Posted by: Admin Molly Manners


Here, we have prepared a series of fun interactive games for you to take part in as a family. Schools can choose either one or up to 5 sessions. Each one-hour session covers different topics and skills for parent and child!

Learn how manners is demonstrated in the home and public areas. Leave with fond memories and positive spirits.Together, build closer bonds as a family and develop a common understanding of what manners is about.

Different topics:

Session 1: What do Good Manners Look Like? Friendly Introductions and Behaviours,

 Session 2: Helpfulness, Kindness

 Session 3: Showing Respect, I Like the Me I See

 Session 4: Good Table Manners, Table Setting Practice

 Session 5: Patience, Playdate and Birthday Party Manners, Good Sportsmanship,


One hour per session

Timing and Dates:


Invite the families in your school to take part in a special experience for young and old.

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