8 Sep 2020

Our Molly Manners Moms community 
A community of moms ( yes moms of young toddlers and mom of teens) mixed aged, getting together to share ideas and resources. Moms who care about the character development of their precious kids, or would like resources and tips on how to do so.
We talk about values and how this plays out in our parenting, internet usage, social media and daily family life. We discuss the difficulties moms face balancing work, life and play. We form a support network of feminine power, empowering one another. We are real moms, with real problems to solve, and real solutions to help. ( and occasionally share good lobang as well </p>
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10 Aug 2020

'The Young Sophisticate' Camp for Teens

The 'Young Sophisticate' camps for teens between 13 to 18, cover topics such as:

Positive First Impressions, Confidence and Body Language, Grooming and Appearance,  Job and School Interview Skills, Social Network/Cellphone Etiquette and Restaurant Dining Etiquette

Location: TBA



Pricing : $268 nett

              $230 nett (group bookings)

If you have any questions, please contact me at

Thank you!

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6 Jul 2020

We offer a personal coaching service for small groups of teenagers (minimum 2, maximum 6) aged 13 to 18 years. In this session, a personal etiquette trainer will sit with, and guide your teen(s) over a three course Western meal at a chosen restaurant.

We cover dining etiquette, good conversation skills, positive body language, greetings and introductions, and grooming tips. All the while, coaching and helping your teen develop essential skills to present his/her best self to the world. 

Please email us at for bookings.