Molly Manners Parents

Molly Manners Parents

Our Molly Manners Parent Community

A community of parents, getting together to share ideas and resources. Parents who care about the character development of their precious kids or would like resources and tips on how to do so. We can learn together.

We talk about values and how this plays out in our parenting, internet usage, social media and daily life. We discuss the difficulties moms face balancing work, life and play. We form a support network of families, empowering one another. 

Book Study

''The 'Me, Me Me' Epidemic'' A Step by Step Guide to Raising Capable, Grateful Kids in an Over-Entitled World by Amy McCready.

Empower your kids without indulging them, and foster compassion and gratitude instead of an entitled 'Me, Me, Me' focus. Learn to develop healthy attitudes with 35 easy to implement tools to 

- set limits with consequences

- train your child in responsible behavior and decision making

- rid your home of the entitlement epidemic so you can raise confident, resilient and successful children

We meet on Zoom, every Wednesday from 9pm to 930pm. During our meetings, we discuss take-aways, pointers, and applications of what we have learnt. Discussions are structured and free-flowing, allowing for space to reflect and share with fellow parents. Come free to listen and learn :)

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