Manners Workshops

Manners Workshops

Title: Teach Manners? Who Me?

Duration: 1 hour


In this light hearted and interactive workshop, participants learn the various manners young children, pre-teens and teens should know.

We discuss the knowledge and skills involved, grooming our young generation to be cultured mannerly adults of tomorrow.

Title: Manners Education, equipping our children with skills to last a lifetime.

Duration: 1 hour

This talk brings with it a more academic slant, for people seeking a deeper discussion of the history and philosophy of character education.

Focus of Workshop/Challenge or issue at hand:

With renewed emphasis on Character Education in recent years, how do we as teachers, parents and school leaders, create a platform to effectively transmit values and manners to young minds? In so doing, we build in them an inner radar to make good choices for themselves, and society.

Methodology and delivery of workshop:

Lecture style, group and peer discussions, personal reflection, role-playing, hands-on activities and scenerios.

Title: How language affects childrens' efficacy, motivation and focus. Change the result by changing the way we speak.

Our language frames perception and interpretation of reality. How can we use language phrases/structures which empower the learner, rather than impede his/her confidence and motivation in a subject? Can a common language amongst teachers, school leaders and students build culture? Listen to positive and negative examples of framing reality, and its influence on behavior and thought patterns for the listener. Leave with new skills on how a teacher can impact the classroom learning environment simply with a different use of language.

Duration: 1 hour

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