TLC Soft Skills Weekly

TLC Soft Skills Weekly

TLC Soft Skills Weekly, aged 7 to 12

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In the TLC Weekly programme, the activities are designed to nurture the social-emotional competencies of children. These include self-awareness, social-awareness, relationship-building, self-management and responsible decision-making.

Using an arts-based, experiential approach, participants are encouraged to take creative risks, explore and discover. In addition, each workshop includes activities to build executive functioning skills which help self-regulation. 

Children develop an understanding of soft skills to adapt and thrive in social situations. They go on to practice these skills in daily life. 

Saturdays: 2pm to 315pm

Location: Singapore Council of Women's Organizations, Waterloo Street

Pricing: $220 per month

             $200 per month for siblings/groups of 2 or more

Parents are welcome to combine the weekly TLC classes with Molly Manners weekly sessions. The sessions are intentionally timed next to each other for parents' and students' convenience. 

Molly Manners Weekly Sessions aged 4 to 7/ 8 to 12

Here, children participate in bite-sized Molly Manners activities weekly. With constant reinforcement, a gradual build up of knowledge and skills is achieved. 

Parents who prefer a regular class sustained over a longer period of time would find this useful.

Aged 4 to 7, Saturdays 1pm to 145pm

Pricing: $100/month

Aged 8 to 12, Saturdays 330pm to 415pm

Pricing: $125/month

Location: Singapore Council of Women's Organizations, Waterloo Street

Children can enrol anytime in the year, starting on the first week of the new month.

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