TLC Mini Workshop Series

TLC Mini Workshop Series

TLC Mini Workshop Series

 The TLC Mini Workshop series is a collection of monthly physical workshops, which cover a range of social-emotional skills. These workshops are extracted and adapted from the TLC Soft Skills camp. It works in tandem with the online TLC Members' Club.

We work on: Relationship to Self. Relationship to Others. Relationship to the World.

Using an arts based, experiential approach, participants are encouraged to take creative risks, explore and discover. In addition, each workshop includes activities to build executive functioning skills which help self regulation. 

We practice inclusivity, engaging body, mind and emotions. Our's is a culture of appreciation and the celebration of strengths. Join us in community as we journey to discover greater heights.

Themetic Workshops

July - Self Awareness, Strengths, Discovery

August -  Feelings

September - Social and Communication Skills

October - Friendships

November - Respect, Assertiveness, Managing Conflict

December - Teamwork and Leadership

January - Reaching Beyond, Community Service