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26 Mar 2018

Parent-Child Bonding over Manners games and fun!

Here, we have prepared a series of fun interactive games for you to take part in as a family. Playing Manners Bingo, charades, or snap are just some of it. Problem solve as a family. Together, build closer bonds as a family and develop a common understanding of what manners is about.

Learn how manners is demonstrated in the home and public areas. Leave with fond memories and positive spirits.

For a minimum size of 20 pax, including children, please contact us if you would like to find out more.

30 Jun 2017

Come for a cozy effective dialogue session, faciliated by Ms Clara Tan! In one and a half hours, find clarity, support, energy and passion for your parenting journey. Discover strategies and skills to better inculcate values and character in your young child. You can either sit and listen to the dialogue or participate and provide suggestions/ideas. 

Clara sits on the Singapore Kindness Movement, board of speakers, and delivers parenting talks, focusing on values education, in preschools/childcare centres.

In this dialogue session open to public and friends of Molly Manners, Clara faciliates a similar workshop for participants, with free goodies and resources for home use!

Having been a teacher and psychologist with MOE, and currently a business owner of Molly Manners Singapore, Clara shares from observations and experience to make the dialogue session an interesting one. 

17 Apr 2017

Would you like to learn how to apply your strengths to parenting style for more effective home parenting? Would you like a better understanding of yourself and apply this knowledge to your parenting and family?

For our first part series for parents, Irene Chia, executive director of WhiteSpace Management Consulting, will be coaching parents on how to use and apply Gallups Strengths Finder results, for personal development and more effective parenting.

Date: 20th June 2017, Tuesday,

Time: 9am to 1230pm

Location: Singapore Council of Women's Organizations, 96 Waterloo Street               

Costing: $150 ( inclusive of StrengthsFinder Assessment and Results worth $24,  journal and tea break)

Pls register by emailing

Read more about Irene and her work at:

About Irene

Irene is a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach and an Organisational Development (OD) consultant. Her focus is on leadership & team development; change management; and organizational learning. Her interventions are aimed at addressing attitudes, beliefs, values and systemic structure to bring out the potential in individuals and organizations, helping them to thrive in evolving landscapes.

Irene designs and facilitates programme on coaching, mentoring and leadership development for the public and private sectors as well as education institutions like the NUS Business School and Career Centre for Singapore Institute of Technology.  Her coachees include business owners, PHD candidates, lecturers, CEOs, managers, parents and students. To complement her group and one-on-one coaching, Irene uses psychometric tools and assessments to anchor and draw insights for her approach. She is certified in more than 15 psychometric assessments on behaviours, brain dominance, culture, interest, leadership, personality and values.

As part of her passion to serve the community, Irene volunteers in school, universities, social service sectors and NGOs to train and mentor the students, lecturers, business owners and executives on nurturing values, discovering and growing their talents and running a sustainable organisation. She is also a specialist international volunteer with the Singapore International Foundation to bring organisational knowledge to Vietnam university and NGOs in India. 

Irene leads a team of facilitators with diverse training expertise. Prior to her consultancy career, she had led multiple teams in social and community development, policy-making and business development. As an OD practitioner, her passion is in bringing out the best in individuals to leverage the link between human capital and positive business outcomes.

Irene is wife to an educator and has three children aged 10, 18 and 21