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7 Feb 2018

This is a workshop addressing the effects and causes of bullying in schools.

It pains us to read of children suffering from effects of bullying at school or even choosing to be the bully. With the increasing number of cases, our children can develop a phobia of attending an otherwise safe environment for learning and growth. Not only are academic results affected, their emotional well-being is at stake too.

As such, we have specially crafted a unique workshop to equip children with skills to handle bullying and problem solving and protecting themselves. 

Open to two different aged groups between 4 to 7 and 8 to 12, children will learn what constitutes bullying and how to manage and protect themselves from it. This workshop constitutes a variety of class discussions, scenerios, quizzes and reflection time.

1) Location: TBA

Dates : 23rd March, 2019

: 9am to 1045pm (Aged 4 to 7)

   11am to 1245pm (Aged 8 to 12)

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15 Jan 2018

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