Parent-Child Bonding Event

Parent-Child Bonding Event

26 Mar 2018

Parent-Child Bonding Event

Posted by: Admin Molly Manners

Parent-Child Bonding over Manners games and fun!

Here, we have prepared a series of fun interactive games for you to take part in as a family. Playing Manners Bingo, charades, or snap are just some of it. Problem solve as a family. Together, build closer bonds as a family and develop a common understanding of what manners is about.

Learn how manners is demonstrated in the home and public areas. Leave with fond memories and positive spirits.


1st September 2018, 345pm to 445pm (for parents with children aged 4 to 7)

10th November 2018, 345pm to 445pm (for parents with children aged 8 to 12)


$25 per parent-child pair

Additional $8 for each family member.

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