Molly Manners Moms

Molly Manners Moms

Our Molly Manners Moms Community

A community of moms (yes moms of young toddlers and moms of teens) mixed age, getting together to share ideas and resources. Moms who care about the character development of their precious kids or would like resources and tips on how to do so. We can learn together.

We talk about values and how this plays out in our parenting, internet usage, social media and daily life. We discuss the difficulties moms face balancing work, life and play. We form a support network of feminine power, empowering one another. We are real moms, with real problems to solve, and real solutions to help. ( and occasionally share good lobang as well).

Our membership site is open a few times a year. We look forward to having you join us.

Members collect their free Family Bonding activity guide as a welcome gift. Welcome to our family!

Members enjoy (all optional and entirely up to you to come for what suits your needs)

-- Monthly Mummy High Tea with good makan and talk by invited speaker

-- Weekly check-in sessions and discussion online.. Currrently studying the Family Virtues Guide

-- Access our video interviews on different topics related to mummy well-being, child-rearing, keeping fit and beautiful and more.

-- Discounts when shopping at our partner stores/restaurants