Community of Moms

We know how busy, and sometimes lonely motherhood can get. Another of our initiatives, we bring together moms (newly minted or veteran) to form communities which support each other.

"Together, we are better."

Members of this community can enjoy:

  • Talks by invited experts in their field of nutrition, child-rearing, health, beauty and fitness
  • Playdates where mothers mingle and children play
  • Makan sessions
  • Make friends with other moms
  • Outings and excursions


Upcoming Workshops

Please click on the link on the left of this page, to find out the workshops/activities lined up for our special moms.

1) Volunteer at Willing Hearts as a family

2) Hairstyle Extravaganza -- 25/2/2017

3) Learn Soothing Baby Massage to ease mom and babe

4) Learn to make Healthy Fruit Enzymes for a Healthy Family

5) Let's Make Kaya together!

6) Mindfulness for Moms; taking the frazzle out of mothering

7) Flower Arrangement

8) Art therapy with Mom and Kid