TLC Coping Skills

TLC Coping Skills

TLC Coping Skills Camp, Aged 6 to 12

Over 6 days, your child will learn about and participate in activites which build a greater self awareness and emotional adaptibility/resilience to cope with daily stressors.

The programme is split into two parts for greater flexibility. Each part can be taken either separately or together in June/ December to complete both parts.

Location: TBA

Dates: 23rd to 25th Nov 2020, Part 1

           26th to 28th Nov 2020, Part 2

           14th to 16th Dec 2020, Part 1

           17th to 19th Dec 2020, Part 2

Timing: 9am to 11am

Pricing: $280 nett per part ($46/hour)

             $480 nett  for both parts ($40/hour)

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