Soft Skills, Well-Being

Soft Skills, Well-Being

TLC Soft Skills, Well-Being aged 6 to 12

In this 3 day camp, your child will learn and practice essential Life Skills and Social Skills to navigate through life, school, and many social situations! We create a safe and conducive environment, providing optimal experience for these to be taught and caught. 

A child's emotional well-being is so important in ensuring he/she can thrive and benefit from any educational experience! With a shift from academic booksmarts to 21st Century Competencies, we aim to enable children to adapt and thrive.

Through gentle and effective group discussions, creative art projects, role-playing, reflective me-time, energy inspiring games and other uniquely crafted activities, your child will learn and develop these tools for well-being.

We believe these skills are urgently needed by today's youth and young generation. Would you give your child a gift of a 'Soft Skills, Well-Being' Camp this year?

Lunch and tea offered on all three days. 

Location: TBA

Dates: 14th to 16th June 2021

            28th to 30th June 2021

Timing: 9am to 4pm

Pricing: $558 nett (early bird before 6th June 2021)

              $600 nett (original price)

(Includes 21 hours of varied activities, three teas, three lunches, course materials)

Thank you.

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